Situated between Athens and Thessaloniki, combining heavenly sea and adventurous mountains as a gateway to Mount Pelion (the Centaurs mountain), and serving as the first step to the Sporades islands, Volos is a destination worth visiting.

This picturesque city has an ancient history as the mythic home of Jason and the Argonauts and there are a few hidden gems here that you might find as you pass through to the islands or Pelion. Here is our roundup of what to do in Greek island Volos.

Archaeological site of Ancient Dimini, Dimini. Tues – Sun: 8.30AM – 4.30PM, Mon: closed.. Ancient Dimini was a neolithic village which has been excavated and uncovered. Of particular interest are the well preserved House N, where a pot was discovered beneath the floor with the burnt remains of a child (an ancient resident as opposed to a more recent one!) and the Tombi grave, similar to that at Mycenaea, which is buried deep into the ground near the fortified town, but with a caved in roof.

Archaeological site of Ancient Sesklo, Sesklo (Take the road to Sesklo, then look for the turn-off to the left that goes down the hill before the start of Sesklo (it is signposted, but keep an eye open for them.). Sesklo is a more impressive site in terms of its location, but is less impressive in terms of the remains. It’s far larger, and is perched on top of a hill from where it can see all around the local area. At first glance, Volos City Center doesn’t seem particularly interesting for the traveller, but a walk in the town streets might change your first idea.

Ermou street is a long paved road parallel to the promenade, Argonafton str, offering a wide variety of shops for any taste, plus a selection of “hidden” bars and cafes, especially around St.Nikolaos Square, the city cathedral, dedicated to patron saint of the sailors, St. Nicholas. There is a seaside park between the university “Papastratos building” and “Agios Konstantinos” church on the promenade. Anavros Park starts directly behind Agios Konstantinos and extends to the east all the way till Anavros beach, an open municipal strand, offering clearwater to the swimmer during the summer (and winter for the brave).

For those that have a car, there is also Alykes municipal beach, a 5-minute-drive from the center to the southwest, in the more easygoing Alykes district of Volos, having cafes and bars offering sunbeds on the sand during late at night, where you can enjoy your cocktail and take a swim as well.

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