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Welcome to travel & transfer T&T

The Travel & Transfers (T & T), created by Greek professional drivers, luxury car owners Mercedes Taxi with excellent training and years of Tourism and Maritime transport So far, the experience and our knowledge, have given T & T the possibility of cooperation with Shipping and commercial attempt, Travel Agencies, Hotels, Banks and VIP, permanently.

Our Approaches

Our primary aim is to transfer to comfort, respect, safety and discretion to choose any destination within and outside Athens, with always in mind the needs and requirements of the customer. Therefore, we can assume so simple movements and hours of leases, as one-day or multi-day trips. Furthermore, we have the portability and secure delivery unaccompanied packages or mailing always with the best price-service relation, without delays or negligence.

Having knowledge of the business world and the peculiarities of this, we are able to provide our services with complete consistency and top executives of companies and businesses to reach their destination at the desired time, without delays ..

The entire team of T & T is available, in the belief that it will win and your own confidence. We will be happy to serve you and work with you.