Common Questions Asked by People Who Haven't Used Our Services Yet

I completed my online booking, what's the next step?

Immediately, a confrimation e-mail is sent to you regarding your booking. Please carefully check your incoming mail in the e-mail address you submitted to us and let us know in the case your booking information is not correct. Print and keep your confirmation e-mail to show to our driver.

It is exclusively your responsibility to make sure that your booking details e.g. communication details, time and place of arrival, flight number etc, are completely valid.

I didn't receive my confirmation e-mail. What could this mean?

Sometimes confirmation e-mails end up in the spam folder, due to some filters. Please check the spam folder to find the e-mail there. Otherwise you can ask us to resend the confirmation e-mail, by contacting info@transfersgreece.com.

Will I surely not pay something beyond the fees in your price list? Do tolls charge more extra? What does the price for the route I'm interested in include?

The route and the fees we give you, are about the prepayment for the itineraries you are interested in and are listed analytically on our price list. Therefore, there are no extra toll charges.

Note; Only in the event that corrections are necessary in your booking that imply cost, such as change of destination, canceling etc. , extra fees will be charged.

If my flight is delayed, will I have to inform Travel & Transfer (T&T)? If yes, how can I do that?

Don’t worry. Regardless of your delay, the driver will wait at the pickup location. We are in constant touch the airport and port information so that we can arrange your pickup time. Therefore, we are informed about your delays.

If for some reason however, you don’t locate our driver or the driver doesn’t reach you even in the phone number you gave us, contact us through the number in the confirmation e-mail, within sensible time.

Note; You owe to inform us in writing at info@transfersgreece.com, only in the event you change flight, itinerary, ship, day of arrival or in a potential canceling of the appointment.

Will the driver surely be waiting for me? How will he recognise me?

Our driver will be waiting for you at your arrival point. We monitor all the flights and the arrivals. That is why you must provide us with the accurate details of the plane’s or ship’s arrival. It is very important that these details be accurate. Our driver will be waiting for you with your name clearly printed on a sign.

Note; As soon as you arrive at the airport or at the port, you should turn on your phone for your better service.

In the case I arrive earlier than the driver, what should I do?

You should remain at the arrivals until the driver arrives, or you can contact our company at the phone numbers at the contact info or in the confirmation e-mail you received.

If i don't manage to rendezvous with your fellow worker at the airport or at the port, what happens then?

In the unlikely event something like this happens, upon communication between us, Travel & Transfer (T&T), will provide you with another taxi from the airport.